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26.01.2013 in TYPO3 und YAG - Yet Another Gallery

Pt_extlist is one of the two requirements when you install the YAG plugin in a TYPO3 project. I guess, most of you install this extension without knowing, what the extension is good for. Extlist is a generic list generator, which enables you to build a filterable, pageable and sortable frontend list by only using typoscript. (You find a short introduction here.) All listings used in YAG are powered by pt_extlist.

Till now, we only used a subset of the provided extlist features. But the uncached imageList plugin mode introduced with YAG version 2.3 enables us to utilize a lot more extlist features. 

As a showcase, i built a tiny theme called "Library". This theme uses a set of option list filters, a tag cloud and a generic search filter to select from the complete set of images of this website.

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YAG 2.3 - Random Revised

24.01.2013 in YAG - Yet Another Gallery und TYPO3

With the YAG version 2.3, I revised the way to show random images completely. In earlier versions, it was only possible to show one random image at a time. Version 2.3 enables you to show an arbitrary number of random images with the introduction of an un-cached image list. Have a look at the following tutorial on how to add an random teaser list to your page.

1. General Configuration

First you select the Plugin Mode "ImageList (Uncached)". Hence the name and unlike  the other YAG modes, this mode is uncached and the HTML is rendered on every reload. This is slower, than using the TYPO3 Cache, but necesarry to pick new random images on every reload.

For another new function described later in the article it is necasarry to define a context. This can be every string you like, in this example i choose yag.

2. Configure The ItemList

The Itemlist configuration received some new options in version 2.3. For our purpose, the "Items per Page" option defines how many random images are displayed.

There is also a new "Filter" selction at the bottom. Here i added a filter to pick random images. Check this option.

 That is all you have to do. With this configurartion, a set of 4 images is randomly picked from your images and displayed. A click on the image opens a detail view of the image on the same page with the default theme or renders a lightbox with the lightbox theme.

A comon use case is to use a list of random images as a teaser and then jump to the containing album when clicked on an image. To configure this behavior, you can use the new "Image Link" section. The default "Image Link Mode" is to use the configuration from the theme. When you set it to "Detail Page", the image links to a detail page which can be chosen with the next option. 

The option "Plugin Mode on Target Page" defines whcih YAG mode should be triggered on the target page. You have the option to show the gallery or the album containing the image, or just show the detail view of this image on the target page.

Here comes the context identifier into play. To make this work, you have to set the context identifier of the YAG instance on the target page to the same as in the random list.

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Back To The Future - YAG 2.2 Works With TYPO3 6.0

02.12.2012 in TYPO3 und YAG - Yet Another Gallery

Yesterday, I released the YAG version 2.2, which now works with TYPO3 6.0. To achieve compatibility to the TYPO3 versions 4.5 LTS, 4.6, 4.7 and 6.0, some classes forming a compatibility layer were needed, which are located in the latest pt_extbase extension.

The future also finds its way into YAGs backend upload module. Images can now be uploaded via a HTML5 drag & drop mechanism.

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New YAG Releases

22.11.2012 in TYPO3 und YAG - Yet Another Gallery

Some days ago, a whole bunch of new extension versions was released to the TYPO3 extension repository. Beside updated packages of pt_extbase and pt_extlist, there are also new versions of YAG and the jQuery theme pack. 

YAG version 2.1 now respects the backend user file mount restrictions in its modules server directry importer. There are also some minor bugfixes - see the change log in the documentatrion for details.

The YAG Themepack jQuery now reaches the version numer 1.0 and i think it deserves the first major release. Most of the used jQuery scripts are updated to their latest version and the according YAG themes were improved. Additional to that, sponsored a new theme in the list of jQuery themes: the theme.

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YAG 2.0 released

07.10.2012 in TYPO3 und YAG - Yet Another Gallery

After nearly a year of development, we finally made it to release the version 2.0 of our TYPO3 gallery management extension YAG. A lot of things changed under the hood, which made it possible to add some cool new features.

With YAG 2.0, the minimal supported version of TYPO3 is 4.6.0. We decided to not longer support the LTS version 4.5.0, to use some of the latest extbase features and to be able to support the upcomming TYPO3 version 6.0 with one of the next releases of YAG. For users of the 4.5 LTS version, who are not willing to upgrade, we provide the according versions of YAG, pt_extbase and pt_extlist on for download.

The following sections describe some of the new features. Don't hesitate to leave a short feedback in the comments, if you tried them out!

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