Neos Codesprint Denmark

Neos Codesprint Denmark

From 27th of September to the 5th of October I had the great pleasure to be part of the Neos code sprint at an awesome castle in the south of Denmark. Together with about 30 other participants from all over the world, including Russia, the United States and Cambodia, we worked together to add some great new features to the content management system. We also improved the user experience by fixing a lot of bugs and tackled the a lot of tasks to finalize the release of Neos version 1.2.

While not coding, we also found the time to discuss topics like the features for the next version 1.3 and the improvement of the media management.

Living in the castle together for over a week also was a perfect setting to find some new friends while cooking together, having great conversations during walks or playing pool in the evenings.

I really like to thank Aske Ertmann, the release manager of version 1.2, for organizing this amazing code sprint and I am really looking forward to see you all at the next one.

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